What a night!

Friday 10th June 2022

We celebrated the queens Jubilee 'Line dance style'

You all looked sensational in your red white and blue and we also had one or two crowns! Carol, I admit defeat; your crown was so much bigger than mine, I guess that makes me the Princess!

It was so wonderful to see all levels of dancers and requests mixing together.  I applaud any beginners who attended for the first time and really gave it a go. (I know how hard and sometimes daunting it can be the first time), and a huge thank you to my more experienced dancers who made so much effort to make the beginners feel welcome and part of it all.  

Thank you again to all my amazing crew who are always on hand to help me on these occasions - you know who you are - I truly could not do it without you and hence why these evenings run so smoothly.

I can't wait for the next one

I hope to see you all there



Request Evening

Friday 11th March 2022

Thank you all for attending our request evening 

on Friday.  

We danced non-stop for over three hours! - it was a lively, fast-paced evening with so many requests as usual which included a little something for everyone.

Thank you for all the enthusiasm and laughter you bring along with you on these evenings  

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did



Christmas Party 2021


I can't tell you how happy I am that we were able to go ahead with our Christmas party this year!

It was a little touch and go there for a moment, with the new variant and the numbers growing! but we did it! And it made me appreciate it all the more. Especially after the huge disappointment of last year.

It was a fun filled evening with so much effort made by you all from decorating your tables to looking super duper dazzling in your red and green attire – you can't get more Christmassy than that.

Carol (Beckwith), we absolutely loved your 'Santa's helper' outfit

It was great to see all dancers from all classes and all levels coming together on this special evening – It certainly helps to create a great atmosphere.

With the help of Debbie who played the music, the evening flowed beautifully and we managed to get through most of your requests.

And it goes without saying the evening would not have run as smoothly without the help of Maureen, Joyce, Laura, Chrys and Pauline.  It would be a disaster without your input.  

Take a look at the amazing photos in the gallery

 taken by Maureen and Laura

Here's to more times like these to enjoy and cherish in 2022.


Friday 5th November

Another fabulous evening!  for no reason other than because we can!  

It just so happened to be Firework night, so we added lots of sparkle to get into the spirit of it all.

Sparks were certainly flying on the dance floor as we danced all evening.  Three hours is just never enough!!

Thank you all so much, it was a joyous evening and I'm sure I speak for us all when I say I enjoy our line dancing and these special evenings so much more now that we can finally return to our socials.



25th Birthday Bash!

Friday 17th December 2021

At long last a party night! and what perfect timing – just as we celebrated our 25th birthday. Has it really been that long?

What a great feeling it is to finally be able to have our socials once again and our 25th birthday celebration could not have gone better.

Our theme was 'Back to the start' and once again, you did not disappoint as you all got into the western vibe, there was a sea of cowboy hats, cowboy boots and even one or two Saddle Bag T Shirts!

We had an incredible evening full of fun going down memory lane as we danced to a mixture of dances; past and present, fast and slow, beginner to intermediate. As always, too many dances and never enough time!

Laura and Joyce, the cupcakes not only looked incredible, they were sooooo deeeeliciousssss!!! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say thank you - it most certainly added that special touch to the evening. “The icing on the cake” you could say!

The whole evening was a tremendous success and it wouldn't have ran so smoothly without Maureen, who dealt with tickets on the door, and then together with Joyce, Laura, Diane and Chrys who helped to put up all the decorations and also Pauline for organising the raffle tickets.

When Debbie and I embarked on what was our “new” venture on 16th September 1996 in a small church hall in Raynton Road, we truly did not expect to still be here today! Every year we thought would be the last as we expected dancers to become bored and go on to the next fad! How wrong we were. Line dancing is not a fad – it has become a way of life!

What a joy and a blessing the last 25 years have been - we feel so proud of all that we have achieved. We have made so many wonderful friends along the way, and together we have created some amazing memories. We would like to thank you all for your loyalty and for staying with us for so long.

A little while back, Debbie took a step back from teaching but you have to admit, having her there with us on these occasions makes it all the more special (even if she does cut the music off now and again!) I guess some things will never change but we wouldn't have it any other way....

I would just like to finish off by saying a huge thank you for the beautiful cards and extremely generous gifts you presented to us. You are all so thoughtful and kind which makes me love what I do even more.

Here's to many more years of dancing to come!


Christmas Party 2019

Another year, another fantastic 

Christmas Party night!

Thank you to Debbie for joining us on this special occasion It's always so  wonderful to have you back with us and I'm so grateful for all your help.  Together, we managed to play most of your requests and I think you will agree we had a fantastic evening full of fun and laughter.

Unfortunately, there are no photographs this time around! I promise to do better next time by remembering to bring my camera!

I would also like to say a huge thank you for my flowers, vouchers and amazing gifts.  I can't express how much I appreciate it and feel this is an added bonus.  As I always say, having you all coming to classes week after week, year after year bringing along with you your enthusiasm and fun spirit is what keeps me going and wanting to do more, so thank you again.  

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and I very much look forward to seeing you in 2020.



S U M M E R   P A R T Y!

Friday 5th July 2019

Thank you so much to all who attended - 

I think you'll agree it was hot, hot, hot!

Despite the heat, we managed to dance, dance, dance and 'almost' got through all of your requests - not bad for three hours!

As always, so much effort was made on your part.

So many vibrant colours and florals! - You all looked amazing!

Also, a big thank you to my 'partner in crime' Debbie for your assistance.  It's always so good to have you there with us on these special occasions.

I even managed to remember to take a couple of pics!

Christmas 2019

I can't believe it's that time again - the end of another year! And what a year it has been, so much has happened!

Firstly, the biggest shock and the saddest thing of all was losing our beautiful Jean.  I know I can speak for all of you who knew her when I say that she is still so much in our thoughts and forever in our hearts.  Our love and prayers go out to Len, Martin and Stephen.

On another sad note, this year marks the end of an era when we will be losing one of our long term members Val. Val has been with us for over 20 years and has played a big part in every event we have been involved in from school fetes, fund raisers, displays and, in the early days, fun road trips to line dancing shows.  It will feel strange without you on the back line Val, unfortunately we know this is due to health reasons and definately the best decision for you.  Thank you for all your efforts over the years.  We will miss you and wish you all the best for the future.  Please pop in and see us from time to time.

We will also very much miss Deborah who has moved away to be nearer to her family.  Deborah is a beautiful dancer and was dancing  with us for many years.  We'd like to wish you all the best of luck.  Please keep dancing and come back and see us soon.

The joyous thing of all is the birth of our cuter then cute line dance babies! Yes! not just one baby but two babies.  Congratulations to Jade on the birth of Isla and her sister Sian on the birth of Poppy who was born in November!  How is that even possible? we remember Jade and Sian when they were babies themselves! Congratulations to Great Nanny Jan and all the family.

We have also celebrated some fabulous '0' birthdays throughout the year including our gorgeous Pat who celebrated her 90th! What an inspiration! She is still dancing as well as going to keep fit and Zumba.  Pat, what is your secret?  Enjoy your 90th year and keep smiling and enjoying life - we love you.

Onto our Black and White Sparkle Christmas Party:  

You all looked sooo glamorous and thankfully not a single Penguin in sight!  It's fair to say it was a huge success.

As always the table decorations were stunning, the atmosphere was buzzing and very Christmassy. We danced loads and laughed loads.  What more can you ask for? I don't know about you but I  was on a high when we finished and I didn't even have chocolate!  And what a bonus it was having Debbie with us on this very special occasion.  

Well done to our lucky lotto winners and thank you to everybody who helped make it such a big success - I really could not do this without you.  

Please take a look at more photos in the gallery taken by our lovely Laura.

Last but not least a big thank you to my wonderful Age UK members from Southbury and St. Aldhelm's and to my absolute beginner class members who make teaching so much fun

Thank you for all the very generous and amazing gifts and for your constant support throughout the year.

A happy and healthy New Year to you all.


Thank you so much to everybody who attended our 'spooky' request evening on Friday!

It was a mental as well as physical challenge as we danced non-stop for three hours to a wide range of very old (thank you Jenny), to very new dances and beginner to advanced level dances.


 I definately should have worn a pedometer - I'm sure we covered at least ten miles!! 

It was a great success and from the feedback I received, It looks like we will be doing it again in the New year.


Fundraiser in aid of

 Enfield National Autistic Society

What a fantastic evening this turned out to be - it was full of fun, laughter and of course lots of dancing.

We danced solidly for three hours!  I taught lots of fun little dances to people who had never danced before and you all danced some of your favourite requests which definitey impressed everyone watching.

I have received such great feedback from the society about the way you included everybody and made them  feel so relaxed  - it made them want to stay on the dance floor.

 I feel so proud and grateful that you were with me on this lovey occasion - it definately wouldn't have been the same without you all there.

The Total amount raised



Fundraiser in aid of

Breast Cancer Research 

in memory of our dear friend

Jean Bolt

Total amount raised



It was an evening of mixed emotions, but on the whole, spirits were high and much fun was had by us all.  Jean was the kindest, warmest and most fun loving person, who was an integral part of our line dance family  - we will all miss her very much. Her larger then life spirit was definitely with us that evening and she was in our hearts as we danced her favourite dances.  She would have been very proud.  

A huge thank you to all of you who helped make the evening run so smoothly.  Namely: Pauline and Val for the selling of the door tickets, Pauline for organising the raffle tickets (it would have been a disaster if we tried to do it ourselves), Linda for taking such beautiful photos (please go to the gallery to view), Chrys for running around, looking after us and ensuring we had drinks all evening, Maureen and Joyce for helping to set up/put away equipment and last but not least to the Conservative Cub for donating the hall for the evening.  You really can't imagine how much you are appreciated.  

Most of all thank you to all of you who took part and donated so much towards this very worthwhile cause and, of course, for the never ending raffle prizes! 

Also a special thank you to Len, Martin and Stephen for their donation of £300. You are all very much in our thoughts and our hearts.

Christmas  2017

I would like to begin by saying what an amazing year it has turned out to be!!  2017 kicked off with many changes -  the biggest change of all, of course, was my going solo!   How was I going to continue the success that both Debbie and I created and worked hard at for over the past 20 years?  This meant that the tough decision had to be made to close two of our classes, which then lead to losing some of our much valued class members.  In  addition to that, our much loved friend Jean was taken ill  and has had a somewhat challenging year (to say the least)!    Needless to say, Jean, we miss you very much and we are all wishing and praying  for your speedy recovery.  Please come back soon, your position on the back line on Monday evening awaits you.

On a much happier note, I am delighted to say we have gained some wonderful new members  - a big welcome and thank you for being part of our crazy line dance family - there is no escaping now!!! Some of you came from the beginners class and dived head first into the deep end of the Monday night Intermediate/Advance class.  Hats off to you - one year on and going from strength to strength. 

Our Christmas  Party night was 'Sparktacular'.  As expected, you all got into the 'sparkle' spirit.  There were sparkly table decorations, jumpers, hats and earrings etc - we shimmered and shone brighter then Regents Street. As usual - there was never enough time to finish off all your requests but we had a good go and we hope we did a little something for everyone.  A big thank you to Debbie for being part of such a fantastic evening, I couldn't have done it without you - it felt just like old times.

I am incredibly proud too, of what we have accomplished together.  Thanks to your loyalty, never ending support and enthusiasm, we'll be going in to the new year  with strength and certainty.

Thank you all for my beautiful cards and gifts - this goes to all of you including all my Age UK  and Thursday morning absolute beginners dancers- I have loved dancing with you and look forward to many more years of fun and laughter.  You never fail to lift my spirit...

To all of you and your families - I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year


Christmas bash 2016

Wow!! - what a spectacular end to not only the year, but the end of an era!   It couldn't have been any better! 

A recipe for a successful Christmas line dance party 

requires the following:  

1.  a good turn out with family and friends

2.  huge amounts of effort and enthusiasm

3.  a sprinkling of glitz, glamour and sparkle

4.  a never ending list of dance requests

5. a constantly crowded dance floor

6.  bundles of laughter and frolics

Tick, tick and tick to all the above!!

When you leave at the end of the night and your feet are hurting, your head is still buzzing with excitement and you have a warm and satisfied feeling in your heart - you just know it was a wonderful evening.

We can't thank you all enough for not only our cards and gifts but also for everything that you do for us all year round.  

 I (Angie) am looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year.  Like Debbie said, she will be back from time to time so it's 

not 'goodbye' it's 'see you soon'

Thursday morning and

Age UK classes

A big thank you to all of my Thursday morning class and Age UK class members for yet another amazing year of fun laughter and dancing - you all make my job so enjoyable - It's wonderful to see you all improving from week to week.  In fact many of you from Thursday morning are definately ready to step it up a notch to the next level! hint hint! 

Thank you all so much for the very generous christmas gifts!  I cant stress enough how much I appreciate it.  Most of all I appreciate your never ending support throughout the year.     


The Saddle Bags 20th Birthday celebration!

What an amazing and somewhat emotional evening!  Thank you so much to all who attended - We think you will agree the evening passed by so quickly - we certainly enjoyed ourselves.  

It was so lovely to see so many faces from the past and of course the present.  All in all a huge success.

We can't thank you all enough.  After all without you, it would never have been possible.  

We would like to mention one particular person who was with us from the very first class.  

Chrys, you are a saint to put up with us - we love you.   

Also a big thank you to Linda for taking such beautiful photos, it certainly captured the evening well.


Christmas 2015

Hollywood Glamour Party

It was the 'Red carpet event of the year'  An evening of glamour and sophistication with more bling than Swarovski!   Diamonds definately are a girls best friend! - Ladies you all looked stunning and Men, you looked dashing in all your finery.

So much so, that we found it almost impossible to choose a winner.  After much deliberation and with the aid of our beautiful Kay, we decided to appoint two winners in the female category due to their entirely different looks.  They are:

The very elegant Yvonne in her chic, midnight blue, floaty palazo pants, teamed with sparkly, embellished blouse which shimmered effortlessly on the dance floor.


Donning the Rock Chick look, was the beautiful Josie wearing a stunning black satin dress with blingy belt, lacey Jacket and to complete the look a glitzy, statement necklace and lace gloves.

Also in first place in the male category was the very dapper "shaken not stirred" John, wearing a 007 style suit - we have never seen you look more handsome! 

Thank you to everyone for making such a huge effort - not only with your attire but as always by decorating your tables and bringing along nibbles and of course the non stop dancing, which all adds to the perfect atmosphere for a great Christmas party.

Also a special thank you to Ann and Ed and Maria for travelling so far to join us .  And thank you to Jan for bringing your beautiful granddaughters and family -   It is always a pleasure to see you all.

The winners of the Saddle Bag Christmas lotto are: In 1st place with a whopping £60. was Deborah.  Jeremy was our 2nd prize winnerwith £30.  and last but not least £12.50 went to our very own Pauline..  I'm sure you will all agree this was a great success.  

Thank you again for your generous gifts and cards but most of all your loyalty and never ending support.  

I (Angie), would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to my absolute beginner class members on Thursday morning.  It is an absolute pleasure teaching you - we have so much fun - and I'm so grateful to you all for spoiling me so much with your generous gift and cards.

That also goes to everybody from my Age UK classes which I have recently taken over - you have all made me feel so welcome - I feel as though I have known you all forever! (in a good way that is).   Thank you for all my cards and beautiful presents - they are perfect and exactly what I needed.

We wish you all good health, love and plenty of laughter for 2016 and look forward to seeing you back on the dance floor.


Halloween Party 2015

T'was a dark and stormy night and witches, wizards, devils and 'Batgirl' came from far and wide to play in .....

'Spooky Saddle Bag Land'

There was a buzz of excitement as you started coming in - we didn't even recognise some of you...

The biggest surprise being the welcome return of Ann and Ed who very kindly came up for the evening to join in the fun - it was great seeing you both - we are so happy you haven't forgotten us...

In between dancing to all of your requests, there was the usual raffle, door prize and lots of fun and giggles with the best costume being awarded to 'Batgirl' (Moira) "not very spooky" we hear you say, but we loved her take on 'the bat out of hell' and it did include a mask, cape and utility belt!!   We found it hilarious.... who could make a Batgirl costume look that good....

The effort made by absolutely everybody was truly  appreciated and added to the superb atmosphere.   Please take a look at the gallery for some of the other best dressed....

We thank you all, as always,and very much look forward to seeing you at our Christmas party 



Christmas 2014

I'm going to start off by thanking my Thursday morning absolute beginners class for yet another fun filled and terrific year of dancing. 
We ended 2014 with a little celebration of our own which was a huge success.  So much effort was made by you all. I can't thank you enough for all my cards and gifts and most of all for making my job so rewarding and enjoyable!!
Love you all - Angie

Masquered Party

Thank you all, yet again, for an amazing end of the year party!!!

True to form - you didn't dissappoint ; you all looked so grand and elegant in your masques, there was definately lots of colour co-ordinatiing going on!   As usual it was difficult to pick a winner so we enlisted the help of Kay to help us reach a verdict:  

In  first place was our very own Val with not only one but two costumes!! - she went from court jester  to cute Tinkerbell (Val, those pins of yours are to die for!!).
 In well deserved second place was Kathy, Yvonne, Tony, Harriet and Dee with their spectacular display of masques and all things Christmas - it was beautiful!

 Also in second place - (keep your hair on!!), our co-ordinating duo Pat and Jeremy - watch out Pat - I think he has grown attached to that hair - tho it suits him in a funny sort of way!! 

 We think you will agree, we all had sooo much fun.  As usual the time flew by and we struggled to get through all of the requests - we could have gone on for another two hours!! - well, in theory that is!!

Also a mention to our little Gemma for completing her charity trek and managing to raise a whopping £3,500.

Once again, thank you all for your kind gifts, cards and endless support, we could not do this, year in, year out, without you all. You make us proud!!

We wish you a wonderful Christmas
and a very Happy, healthy and peaceful New Year
and we'll see you back on the dance floor week commencing Monday 5th January 2015


After summer party

Firstly, we apologise for the last minute change of dates and
thank you again for your
 support - as always you never let us down and we had a great turnout.

We had dancers from all class levels and we're particularly proud to say everyone gelled beautifully.  We had so much fun dancing to all the old and new dances.

We're sure you'll agree three hours never flies by as quickly as on a party night.


PARTY NIGHT - Friday 9th May 2014

At last - our first party night of the year!

... we just didn't notice the time flashing past, but luckily we were able to squeeze an evening in between all the Bank holiday Mondays' 

Everybody was absolutely ready to dance, dance, dance.

So many dances, so little time!

The evening bought the usual mixture of music and dances to suit all levels
and the atmosphere was incredible!!!

We love the way all our class members gel together on these occasions - it's what makes it exciting and fun

Thank you once again for all your efforts - we will try not to leave it for too long next time!!!!


Christmas Party 2013

Hello to all our Saddle Baggers!

I would like to start by apologising for not having a camera, so if you have any photos you would not mind sharing with us, please bring them along to class in the new year.

After last year's very successful 'Hat theme', we said "how are they going to top this?"
and top it -  YOU CERTAINLY DID!!!

Stunning * spectacular * magical * colourful *
christmassy * glittery .....

... all of the above and a whole lot more!  It was like walking into our very own Winter Wonderland with so much buzz and energy going on throughout the whole evening - all the ingredients you need to make a successful Christmas party.

The competition was judged by the lovely Diane, however, choosing a winner proved to be an impossible task, so we had no choice but to ask an independent adjudicator to help make the final decision.

The results are:  in joint second place: Kathy, Yvonne and Tony wth their glorious, twinkely snowy scene.  Also in second place was Pauline and Jenny's ultra multi-coloured flashing lights scene.

In first place with their very own 'home made' country scene (complete with duck in a pond) were Jean, Val and Betty.  Well deserved - your huge efforts certainly paid off.

Other favourites include:  The magical vintage train scene created by Harriett, Diedra and Deborah, John's balloon table, Anne and Ed's flags from around the world and of course the glorious food displays always go down very well mmmm Yum!!

Another wonderful end to a wonderful year.  thank you so, so much for your generous gifts and cards and of course your endless support and loyalty.  We truly feel blessed.

We hope you enjoy Christmas and we wish you a very happy and healty 2014.  We look forward to seeing  you all back on the dance floor week commencing Monday 6th Jan.


Charity Fun Evening
on behalf of
Home Instead (Age UK)

So far, we have had great feedback and  despite the heat, everybody made a huge effort and danced for most of the evening.

I have been informed that a massive £500. has been raised!!!

Thank you to everybody who attended, and especially our regular 'Saddlebaggers' who, without fail, always add to the amazing atmosphere


Sprrrrrrrring Party 2013

Well, it was touch and go for a minute, but thank you to those who were able to brave the elements and attend our party to 'Celebrate Spring!!!'

We're happy to say that despite the cold and sleet outside, inside, it was colourful and definately hot, with the usual buzz, fun, and laughter.

We asked you to dress for spring and you certainly didn't disappoint!!!!
In particular we loved Eddie's shirt!!!

All in all a faaaab evening

(Sorry everyone, we're still experiencing difficulty in uploading any phototgraphs - we are currently liaising with the sitebuilder and hope to get the problem solved asap


Christmas Party 2012

................. And the winner is......... (drum roll) ...................
                               J E A N  Whooohoooo

The hat theme was a massive hit - there were many close seconds though, including Val's, Kathy's, Tony's (or was that Kathy's too?), Yvonne's cracker and how could we miss John's amazing multi-coloured balloons - we were just so glad it was Kay who judged as we definitely didn't want that job!!!

Once again, you did not fail to impress us... The lengths some of you go to are above and beyond the call of duty - not just the amazing hats you all took so much time to decorate, but the nibbles and the table decorations, which contributed to the festive ambience.

We kicked off at 7.30pm sharp in an attempt to get through as many of your requests as possible (not an easy task, as there were soooo many), by the time we included some little fun dances, the raffle, Santa's gifts etc, it was approaching 11pm and we noticed you all putting on your coats!!!

It was the perfect evening to see out 2012. Thank you all once again for the endless support and making our job so easy.

I (that is Angie), would also like to say a huge thank you to my new recruits who attend the Thursday morning class in Enfield Town - your enthusiasm and eagerness is so infectious which makes the class so much fun - I hope you're enjoying the class as much as I am.

We wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year.

Keep those dancing boots warm as we will be resuming on 3rd January 2013.

Take a look in the gallary for more fun photos

Santa's Little Helper

in charge of 'Elf and Safety'


More photos in the gallery


   Take a look in the gallery        to see more photos


Good luck Val and Deborah

Isla with her mummy Jade

Happy Birthday Pat

Sadly no pictures, as I didn't have time, but If anybody has any, please email them to me and I will put them up.  


Looks like we had fun!!!

How can someone look that good
after 4 hours of dancing!

            towards the end of the evening!! 

Naughty corner lunch !!
Butter wouldn't melt!

It was so lovely to see you Maria

You look as wonderful as ever!

thank you for joining us.

Like Mother, like Daughter!

So cute!



Christmas 2015

    Huge apologies for the distortion of these pictures

Chrys, you diva!!

All grown up! - beautiful!


Halloween 2015

Batgirl wins the prize!!

Hi Ann and Ed

 What a lovely surprise


Christmas 2014


Christmas 2012